Contextual Learning is Experiential

Contextual learning allows learners to step into a detailed world of knowledge. Through the task of decision-making, learners acquire and use knowledge in real-world situations. Through being present in the environment of application for data, learners better grasp the relevance of the data at hand, as well as better apply knowledge in the future once they revisit familiar situations where a knowledge is best applied.

Contextual Learning Is Interactive

Through placing readers in a testing ground environment, learners must apply knowledge to theoretical circumstances. Meaning, relevance and logic all becomes clearer to learners through required interaction with both the environment, circumstance and the knowledge. Learning becomes real and learned only through application.

Contextual Learning is Effective

Contextual learning allows learners to ingest the significance of knowledge through the complex requirements of their own understanding of knowledge and learning processes. Vague ideas often only communicated through lecture, definitions, or esoteric explanations, can now become visible and illustrated through Contextual Learning. Learners are able to retain data more efficiently and also develop real-world skills at a more advanced level through theoretical application in a particular field or industry.

Contextual Learning is Familiar & Fun

Through isolating fun and useful aspects of movies, video games, interactive storytelling and games, The Hero’s Guide contextual learning Series provides readers with entertaining, immersive learning experiences.