The Hero’s Guide to Film Finance – Special AFM Teaser1

Page 1

You choose to run after Avi.

He’s headed towards the hotel exit, but you jog to catch him. As you approach him from behind, you attempt a non-obtrusive hello, but nothing comes out. You clear your throat, and more confidently blurt out…

Excuse me—MR. LERNER?

Avi turns around, gives you a brief once-over, then continues on his way toward the exit…briskly.

Have we met?


As you exit the sliding doors to the outside, Avi hands his ticket to a suited valet.

Thank you, Mr. Lerner.

Avi turns and looks directly at you. You open your mouth, about to speak—-but you hesitate for a quick moment.

Will you: Seize the moment and pitch your project right now? Or will you seize the moment and ask politely for a meeting after the market?

If you pitch, turn to Page 3.

If you ask for a meeting, turn to Page 4.