The Hero’s Guide to Film Finance is the first book in the “The Hero’s Guide to…” Series of How-To, trade and special interest books utilizing contextual learning techniques.

The Hero’s Guide to Film Finance is an interactive journey into the world of Film Finance, where You learn through successes and failures of the choices You make.

“The Hero’s Guide to Film Finance” is a choose-your-own-adventure-style Film Finance book.  Told in the Second-Person (“You”), this interactive book takes You on a journey into the world of Film Finance, where you will learn this coveted aspect of the independent film business. Depending on the decisions You make, you will experience successes and failures.

Readers will learn the following, all while lining up Your next film. (Hopefully a franchise!): How films are financed, the elements of financing (equity, foreign pre-sales, gap, tax credits, foreign co-productions), why some films get financed and others don’t, how to speak to film industry professionals, who the players are (equity investors, tax credit financiers, pre-sale lenders, gap lenders, completion guarantors, actors, directors, agents, foreign sales agents, unions vs. non-unions) and how to align them, important aspects of legal, development, locations, pre-production, physical production, post production, delivery, markets, festivals, distribution, dealing with profit, loss and angry investors.

The book will be released as a traditional Book and e-Book. Other digital applications are in development.