S.J. Main

 S.J. (Summer-Joy) Main is a Producer/Writer with a growing number of hands-on credits, as well as extensive professional experience with LA and NY-based production companies, including Merchant Ivory Productions and Amblin of DreamWorks SKG. Main’s command of language and story structure was earned through Script Reader positions at New York-based production companies, including Walden Media and Radical Media, as well as through the long-time ownership of an international essay-editing firm.Main is a graduate of the School of Theatre, Film & Television at UCLA, the Graduate Film Division of Columbia University, and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the European Graduate School of Switzerland, where she is completing a dissertation on the role of the film producer of mainstream American cinema. Main’s focus as Producer is in the development and production of both US-based and international productions. She is also the CEO of The Latino Film Fund.


 Jeff Steele is the Co-Owner of Film Closings, Inc. and is a noted film finance expert in all matters of debt and equity, but also has a significant array of hands-on producing credits. Steele is writer/publisher of the film finance blog,, where he offers his unique perspective on the industry. Film Closings focuses on the management and development of financial solutions and strategies for agencies, management firms, foreign sales companies, and independent producers. The company offers its services for projects within all budget ranges—from small independent projects under $1 million to tent pole and major studio franchise films—and covers all areas of finance. Film Closings also creates finance plans for clients, sources financing for packaged projects, and steers filmmakers through the vigorous film closing process.Steele was previously the CFO of Magnet Media Group and was director of film finance for Screen Capital International.